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Moms deserve their own “turbo-charged” word to replace “busy.” This improved “turbo version” refers to a special kind of busy that only Moms understand:

  • perpetual multi-tasking
  • constant interruptions
  • rushing to and from 3 different places all at the same time! (how does that even work? only moms know!)

When you’re “mom busy,” your to-do list is a tornado, gaining speed and power as it grows out of control. 

Are you “mom busy” right now? If so, you know the frustration of not having enough time for the thing you care most about: helping your daughter become a strong, confident woman. That's why we've strategically designed our events to ensure special, uninterrupted mother-daughter time. Bonding moments that build confidence and strengthen connections.

Because it's hard for most moms to just “create” these moments at home. When was the last time you and your daughter: 

  • made a roller coaster for a marble?

  • created a mom-daughter business plan?

  • invented your own game shooting ping pong balls?

Our programs give you the chance to shut out the crazy-busy world and spend time focused on nothing else but helping your daughter to realize the talent and strength she holds within.

In addition to leadership & team building games/adventures for girls and moms*, Moms as Mentors programs incorporate fun, interactive activities in content areas where women remain underrepresented in key leadership positions, like STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and business. Moms as Mentors believes that with the right tools and opportunities, mothers, regardless of their own strengths and career paths, can integrate learned skills into their daily lives to improve girls' confidence and their academic, career, and life outcomes.

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