At Moms as Mentors® our mission is to provide moms with the tools and opportunities they need to be mentors in their daughters’ daily lives, ultimately helping their girls to grow into confident and influential women.

The Moms as Mentors team is comprised of an amazing group of dedicated volunteers, including:


LESLIE COLES, Co-Founder & Executive Director

MANDY HICKLING, Chief Program Officer

MARGOT SIGUR, STEM Advisor and Lead STEM facilitator

We are fortunate to have fantastic female role models at all of our programs. Moms As Mentors® has a vast network of educators  who facilitate our programs. We also can train your staff to run the program at your school or community organization.

Advisory Board


Our Story

Back in 1998, I was teaching adolescent girls. I saw that many of my students never said what they truly believed and like any young teacher, they confided in me, telling me about the many risky behaviors in which they took part. It was then that my passion for helping girls become confident women flourished. I conceived of the Moms As Mentors® idea a few years later and focused my masters’ research on girls’ development, but it wasn’t until I went to business school that I was able to put my ideas into action. There Moms as Mentors® was born.

I was never the whiz kid or the high scorer on my athletic teams, but participating in sports taught me collaboration, leadership, and perseverance.  Plus, I had great female role models who I wanted to be just like.  My mom was one of them.  She was an educator and she empowered me to pursue my dreams.  Once I learned to compensate for my difficulties I began to excel.  This is what drives me to remain in the field of education today.

Since 2007, Moms as Mentors® has run programs focused on health, wellness, self-esteem, and leadership for mothers and daughters (ages 7-14). The purpose of this type of programming is to provide mothers with structured time and space to learn skills to be mentors in their daughters’ daily lives, ultimately helping their girls grow into competent and influential women.

In 2014, Moms as Mentors® decided to enter an exciting new growth phase. We continue to offer Moms as Mentors’ hallmark leadership and team-building workshops that empower girls and moms to be self-confident and influential women. In addition, our programs now also incorporate activities and workshops in new content areas like STEM/STEAM, business, politics and other fields where women remain underrepresented in areas of key leadership.

Finally, we have happily learned that our program is also impacting the moms who partake in it. Over 70% of working and stay at home moms have found that our programs improved their own leadership skills. As a result, our new content will share tips on topics like negotiation, networking, and money management that will not only be beneficial to girls, but also to their own mothers.

As a mom of three girls, I know it’s important to help moms find ways to be strong role models for their daughters – especially when we are all juggling busy lives. I hope Moms as Mentors® can bring the same joy and strength to you and your daughter(s) as it has brought to me.

                                                      -Emilie Liebhoff, Founder

Our Guiding Principles

Moms As Mentors® follows three main principles to guide our programs:

1. Community Building 
– Creates a safe environment for girls and women to be authentic
– Melds the principles of leading edge girls’ research
– Provides time for talking openly in an all-female environment, which gives girls and moms a safe community to say or feel what they believe

2. Developing Relationships
– Offers activities that position moms and daughters as partners and equals
– Creates a positive atmosphere where moms and daughters can support each other
– Provides an opportunity for moms and daughters to continue to build their relationship;and other areas of life beyond these programs

3. Experiential Learning
– Encourages moms and daughters to take healthy risks
– Builds a safe environment where moms and daughters can develop confidence and courage by practicing a new skill or partaking in a workshop
– Offers moms and daughters positive, approachable and interactive experiences in areas where women underrepresented in critical leadership positions e.g. STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), business and politics