Why Moms?


Moms as Mentors emphasizes strengthening the mom-daughter bond because research shows that:

  •  Moms are a long-term consistent force in their daughters' lives
    (Gunderson, Ramirez, Levine & Beilock, 2012)

  • Inter-generational ideologies get passed down (e.g. science & math attitudes and insecurities)
    (Gunderson, et al. 2012) 

  • Emotional relatedness between mothers and daughters is key when constructing the daughter’s career path
    (Samoulis, Layburn, & Schiaffino, 2001)

  • Moms are the biggest influence on children’s financial habits
    (Prater, Connie. “Poll: Mom matters most in shaping our financial habits.” )

  • Parents who encourage girls to run for office exert a dramatic impact on their daughters’ political ambition
    (Girls Just Wanna Not Run, The Gender Gap in Young Americans’ Political Ambition, Jennifer Lawless, American University, Richard L. Fox, Loyola University, March 2013)

  • Mothers must take into account the significance of this influence, and need to learn how to use it in ways that are the most beneficial, supportive, and advantageous to their daughter’s career ambitions.
    (Li & Kerpelman, 2007)