Promotes a positive body-image for girls and increases media literacy

Photo Credit: Diane Hammer

Photo Credit: Diane Hammer


for moms & DAUGHTERS

“Stronger Together!”

Moms as Mentors' mother/daughter programs foster confidence, leadership and the mom/daughter bond through engaging activities that promote teamwork, communication and mutual understanding. Stronger Together!, a program for moms* and middle school girls, emphasizes body positivity and media literacy while creating meaningful moments for both moms and girls. 


How Moms (and other Caregivers) Can Promote a Healthy Body Image for Girls.

This interactive workshop will look at the prevalence, consequences and causes of negative body image for girls and then focus on practical ways to promote a healthy body image for the girls in your lives. This session is geared towards moms who have daughters but any adult caregiver of girls are welcome to attend. Participants leave with take-home resources and tips to promote a healthy body image for girls.


“Mom's as Mentors workshop gives us an opportunity to reconnect and recharge As mothers. Allowing our daughter's to be able to express themselves in a nurturing environment without judgement.”

- Mom Participant

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash