Our mission


At Moms as Mentors our mission is to provide moms with the tools and opportunities they need to be mentors in their daughters’ daily lives, ultimately helping their girls to grow into confident and influential women.

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What we do

Moms as Mentors is working to help today’s girls become the most powerful, confident and capable generation of women ever, helping them recognize the power of their individual and collective voices and empowering them to become influential innovators and changemakers.

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Mom*-girl workshops vary in length but are typically 1.5, 3 or 6 hours (adjustments to the length can be made).

Our parent and girl influencer workshops can be run as small group discussions (10-12 people) and for larger audiences (20-100+ people).

*We welcome people from all genders to attend our workshops – you don’t have to be a mom!


Build Bridges! aims to create the next generation 
of confident women leaders in STEM. Each workshop features moms and girls engaging in enjoyable, hands-on science and engineering activities specifically designed to encourage:

  • Tinkering 

  • Problem-solving

  • Teamwork 

  • Communication

Stand together!

Stand Together! is an interactive leadership program that helps girls and women fully realize the power of their individual and collective voices. Activities are designed to encourage meaningful dialogue and teamwork between mothers and daughters and let them explore together how to amplify their voices to make societal change in areas that matter to them through various means, including political and civic engagement.

Make It Count!

Make It Count! is centered on fostering financial empowerment and an entrepreneurial spirit for today’s girls and tomorrow’s leaders. It includes age-appropriate activities that incorporate concepts such as money values and envisioning oneself as an entrepreneur.

Stronger Together!

Stronger Together!, a program for moms* and middle school girls, emphasizes body positivity and media literacy while creating meaningful, memorable moments for both moms and girls. It foster confidences, leadership and the mom/daughter bond through engaging activities that promote teamwork, communication and mutual understanding.


Our Impact

Moms as Mentors makes a difference in the lives of so many mothers and girls through confidence building workshops...and by encouraging girls to explore roles in STEM and Business... By supporting Moms as Mentors, you are supporting their valuable programs that work to build strong and lasting effects for the women and girls involved." - Jess Weiner



mom participants

Felt more equipped to help their daughters realize the power of their own voices and express their opinions and ideas.



girl participants

Felt a stronger bond even if they already had one.



Mom participants

Left feeling more confident in their ability to model body positivity for their girls.


january 2016

Moms as Mentors teaches mothers strategies for supporting their daughters as they grow, and also supports moms in understanding their own strength as mothers and as capable people in the world. They…focus on different pieces of the puzzle but all of these workshops ultimately succeed in helping women feel powerful and additionally assist in building strong, healthy relationships between girls and the moms. - Volunteer

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