Entrepreneurship Programs

We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and help girls see themselves as entrepreneurs

Photo Credit: Diane Hammer

Photo Credit: Diane Hammer


for moms & DAUGHTERS

Make it count!

Enjoyable, hands-on money/business-centered activities that require communication and creativity, incorporate concepts such as money values and envisioning oneself as an entrepreneur, and are designed to be accessible and approachable, regardless of financial knowledge and experience.


“I thought the subject matter was perfectly age appropriate and understandable and totally interesting... I LOVED brainstorming with my daughter about building a business."
- Mom participant


for MOMS

“Opening Doors for your Daughters’ Future”

This session explores why it's more important than ever for moms to mentor their daughters, particularly when it comes to girls’ career aspirations.

It includes practical tips on how to be a mentor on a daily basis and throughout girls' different developmental stages and discusses ways moms can maintain a strong bond with their daughters and also promote their interest in entrepreneurship, including ways to nurture their daughters’ entrepreneurial spirit and financial confidence.


Not a mom, no problem!

In addition to mothers, we always welcome any woman (or man) to participate who has strong ties to a girl in her life