Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Moms as Mentors® Project?
A.  The Moms As Mentors® Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by Emilie Liebhoff and co-founder and Executive Director Leslie Coles, two women long in the education field who share a passion for empowering girls of today to be come confident women of tomorrow (They also love helping empower today's women!). 

Moms as Mentors is committed to providing moms with the tools and opportunities they need to be mentors in their daughters’ daily lives, ultimately helping their girls to grow into confident and influential women. We empower moms to realize that it doesn’t matter what their own skills, education and career paths are—with the right tools and opportunities, moms can be positive role models and make a significant difference in their daughters’ lives.

Our hallmark mother/daughter programs nurture confidence, leadership and the mom/daughter bond through activities that promote teamwork, communication and mutual understanding. At these in-person workshops, groups of moms (or other mentors) and daughters (in grades K-8) participate in interactive activities on a central theme related to the advancement of girls and women. Two of our programs center on areas where women remain underrepresented in the pipeline: STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and business/entrepreneurship. At Moms as Mentors, we understand that the absence of women in these fields, particularly in key areas of leadership, is a missed opportunity not only for the women, but also for our country’s economic vitality and global innovation. In addition to STEM and business, we also run programs focused on social-emotional learning.

Q. Who do we serve?
A.  As we strengthen the critical connection between moms and daughters, Moms as Mentors® programs bring together girls and women of different backgrounds to create a rich and supportive community for its participants. Moms and girls come from racially and economically diverse backgrounds and mothers are both working and stay-at-home. For the moms especially, these meaningful connections can be invaluable sources of support, both for parenting and other personal and professional matters. 

Q. How do I register for an upcoming program?
A. You can find program registration information on our "PROGRAM" page. If there is not an upcoming event in your area, click here to learn more about the private programs that we can run for groups of moms and girls. 

Q. Will there be other programs open to the public in the future?
A. Yes, we are currently working on securing dates for next year's calendar.  Please check back in with us soon!

Q.  What if I’d like to attend with my daughter(s), but I do not consider myself good at [math, science, politics, business]?
A.  No prior skills are necessary to attend this program!  This is an opportunity to have fun and bond with your daughter(s) around new activities outside of the rigors of everyday life.  The idea is to have fun in an environment where you will feel comfortable and safe to be yourself!

Q. What do the participants do on a typical day?
A. Participants in our programs can expect to partake in fun mental and physical challenges, mother-daughter games, artistic exercises, and collaborative adventures.  Importantly, the day will focus on bonding and fun!