Our Impact

Learn about how our moms, daughters, and sponsors have benefited from Moms as Mentors programs!

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What MOMS tell us

95% of moms felt a stronger bond with their daughter. (Stronger Together)

92% responded that they learned something new or surprising about their daughters. (Stronger Together)

100% of moms reported that they now have “more tools for being a STEM mentor” for their children and would recommend the workshop to others. (How to be a STEM Mentor)

100% of moms said our program lay the foundation for familial conversations about money. (Make it Count)

93% of moms “felt their daughter's enthusiasm about STEM was increased after participating in the program.” (Build Bridges)

75% felt they improved their own confidence and leadership skills. (Stand Together)

100% felt more equipped to help their daughters realize the power of their own voices and express their opinions and ideas. (Stand Together)

79% of moms left feeling more “confident in my ability to model body positivity for my daughter”. (Stronger Together)

87% of moms left more aware of the negative media messages aimed at girls. (Stronger Together)

100% would recommend the experience to others. (Stronger Together)


What the GIRLS say

94% felt a stronger bond with their mom, even if already had one. (Stronger Together, Make it Count)

70% felt better able to recognize the negative media messages aimed at girls. (Stronger Together)

64% felt more self-confident, better able to identify their own strengths and more likely to turn to their mothers during hard times. (Stronger Together)

100% reported that our program “made money and business fun”. (Make it Count)

100% reported that Build Bridges! “made science and engineering fun!” and “made them feel closer to their moms (even if they already felt close).” (Build Bridges)

95% felt "more confident speaking up about issues that matter to [them]". (Stand Together)

94% would recommend to a friend. (Stronger Together)


Why donate?

Moms as Mentors makes a difference in the lives of so many mothers and girls through confidence building workshops...and by encouraging girls to explore roles in STEM and Business... By supporting Moms as Mentors, you are supporting their valuable programs that work to build strong and lasting effects for the women and girls involved." - Jess Weiner, CEO of Talk To Jess, Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador, best-selling author, social entrepreneur and one of Inc.'s "21 Thought Leaders Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2016"

"As a community educator and as a woman, I cannot stress how important these opportunities are for mothers and daughters to connect in the unique way that Moms as Mentors offers. It simply doesn’t happen organically as often as it should.” - Moms as Mentors Make It Count! Facilitator

Moms as Mentors "teaches mothers strategies for supporting their daughters as they grow, and also supports moms in understanding their own strength as mothers and as capable people in the world. They...focus on different pieces of the puzzle  but all of these workshops ultimately succeed in helping women feel powerful and additionally assist in building strong, healthy relationships between girls and the moms.” -  Moms as Mentors Volunteer

"It's a chance to bond with your daughter on serious topics. Through the topics we discussed, my daughter actually related to me on a very respectful level and I was able to see how smart she is! It really opened the dialogue for more serious conversations!" - Kerry P, Redding, CT (Mom Participant)

“It empowers me to make a difference!” - Anonymous (Daughter Participant)