Our PR Problem: Why our biggest strength is our biggest weakness

Something that I've found over and over again since we started to expand The Moms as Mentors® Project is that it's tough to convey the many ways our programs impact the moms and girls who participate in a succinct but comprehensive way.

I've tried many different versions of our elevator pitch, but always feel like in that crucial two minutes when you are talking with a potential supporter or participant, I go on too long, trying to squeeze in too much.

It's a chronic frustration because I know that understanding the complexity of Moms as Mentors® is critical to understanding why it's so important to support our growth.  Our programs have too many benefits to be able to quickly make the case or "pitch" ourselves as a worthy organization to support. (I know this sounds a bit like a #humblebrag, but I really do believe it to be true and it really is a challenge for us!)

Recently a light-bulb went off when I read a Facebook post by one of our volunteers promoting our crowd-funding campaign. She wrote that Moms as Mentors®:

Moms as Mentors® "teaches mothers strategies for supporting their daughters as they grow, and also supports moms in understanding their own strength as mothers and as capable people in the world. They...FOCUS ON different pieces of the puzzle  but all of these workshops ultimately succeed in helping women feel powerful and additionally assist in building strong, healthy relationships between girls and the moms. 

DIFFERENT PIECES OF THE PUZZLE! "That's it!" I realized. Many organizations focus on just one piece of the puzzle related to advancing girls ad women. And while Moms as Mentors® may seem like a simple concept, really our programs benefit moms and girls in multiple ways. We provide different puzzle pieces for the mom-daughter relationship and for the girls and moms as individuals.

That's why I'm going to be running a series over the rest of the campaign (there's only 2 weeks left---PLEASE DONATE TODAY) to share the different puzzle pieces that Moms as Mentors® gives its participants.

Stay tuned for the first installment...





Leslie Coles