Want new ways To Bond With (And empower) Your Daughter?


We wanted to do something different with our "Empower Moms. Empower Girls." campaign. That's why our perks (thank-you gifts) were carefully selected to provide to strengthen the mother-daughter bond and give moms tools to be mentors for their daughters.

Here are a few highlights:

Screenshot 2016-01-17 11.31.45.png
  • Princess Awesome coloring book. Features things your daughter may love but the toy store tells her she shouldn't (like robots, trains, pirates). ($15 donation)

  • Mom-Daughter Reflection Book. First it's a fun mom-daughter activity and then it's a lasting keepsake.  ($25 donation)

  • Mom-Daughter Bonding At Home Activity GuideCarefully designed to foster bonding and empowering moments. The guide includes an activity sheet and “Mom notes." Great for any adult and child (Pre-K-8th grade). Available nowhere else! ($50 donation).

There's loads more! See them all HERE



Leslie Coles