Sneak Peek

Every Moms as Mentors® workshop offers interactive leadership & team building activities for girls and moms and invaluable mom & daughter bonding time. Our workshops provide tips for moms on how to help your daughter through adolescence, how to be a confident role model for your daughter and how to expose her to a broad spectrum of career opportunities.

The schedule is designed to celebrate the mother-daughter bond and to introduce moms/special friends and girls to activities they can continue to do together after the program is over. The main theme of the day is be together and to have fun!

Sample half-day program

10:00 AM Introduction & Community Building
10:20 AM Featured Mom-Daughter Activity #1  (e.g. STEM or business-related activity)
11:10 AM Group Debrief on Activity #1
11:15 AM Break and Whole Group Game
11:35 AM Featured Mom-Daughter Activity #2
12:25 PM Group Debrief on Activity #2
12:30 PM Quiet Mom-Daughter Reflection Activity
12:50 PM Closing Circle
1:00 PM Program ends

It's hard to truly capture the special moments that occur between moms and girls at our program, even on video. But here are just a few moments we caught on camera of moms and girls working together (warning: contains raw footage-our  video editing skills are a work in progress!).

For photos of our programs in action check out our Facebook page.