We often hear from our attendees that they benefit in multiple ways from Moms as Mentors® programs. Here is a taste of what MOMS say they value most about their experiences at our programs:


“The best part of the experience was getting to enjoy spending time with my daughter...in a fun, no stress environment. It's sometimes easy to forget how much fun it can be to just hang out with her. I have several younger children and it was so awesome to spend some one on one time with my daughter doing something that was educational and empowering.”

“I knew my daughter and I would enjoy the time together, but I never realized how much it would mean to her. At least twice a month she tells me she wants to do another [Moms As Mentors®] program. She says that she had so much fun, and she loved how it was just the two of us."

"The biggest value for the both of us was the time together.  It's funny.  In the grand scheme of things we don't think of and hour and a half as a lot of time, but for the two of us, it was time much needed.  While [my daughter] and I are together a lot, we don't always have that uninterrupted time to just doing something totally focused. "

"When you asked what the girls learned about their moms, she whispered to me, "that my mom has time to have fun.” We get so tied up in the hustle and chaos of work, life, school and scheduled activities, that we lose sight of just taking time to enjoy each other and be in the moment.  I really appreciated have this [uninterrupted] time together."

“I know I am not the only mom that walked away today wanting to thank [Moms as Mentors] so much for giving me this special gift: a truly stress free happy lovely day with my daughter!


“The program brought us closer together and imbued a sense of curiosity and 'working together' in our relationship that has carried forward, mostly in doing normal household tasks like cooking, cleaning, preparing for holidays, and running errands but there is lots of love & joy in those shared day-to-day experiences. That is what life is really about."

"Sometimes my daughter finds it hard to let me help her and the Moms as Mentors program really allowed a space for us to have where we could both explore ideas and do things together."

"I was surprised at how ingrained in my comfort zone I was with my daughter. This program took us outside of our regular lives for an afternoon and provided a platform for us to bond while learning and having lots of fun."

 "She kissed me and told me she loved me over and over and kept saying what a great morning she had.  We went out for lunch and continued talking about the bracelets and the activity. She was skeptical about coming out of her pjs on her day off but was so glad she had!"

She snuggled with me and sat on my lap- and I'd pay any amount of money for that!”


"Another a great experience was watching [my daughter] create the entrepreneurial business plan…I was just so impressed with her abilities and imagination."

“[The program] encouraged me to create more opportunities in our everyday lives for us to experiment or try something new.
"We look to our schools, teachers, enrichment classes, sports programs to help our children achieve their fullest potential, but it really has to come from us, and nothing is more powerful than instilling curiosity and a love of learning. This program is a great reminder of how important it is to do that, and how we can all do that
"One of the things that struck me as we were driving home is that there are plenty of places to do stereotypical mother and daughter activities, art, shopping, beauty etc however; never have I been able to "use my brain" and "work" with my daughter on problem-solving.  The day gave me an opportunity to model an example of what to do when challenged and showed [my daughter] that parents also need time to figure things out!  I loved loved loved the fact that we did something "smart" together!"
"[My daughter] surprised me with how many creative ideas she offered, and how easy it was to work together on this project. I noticed no resistance, only enthusiasm, as we worked through the various obstacles of the activity…[my daughter] was overjoyed when she got the whole thing working!"


"It was also fun talking about subjects we normally do not discuss (like budgeting and engineering). I learned a lot more about her than I thought possible."

“We brought my daughter's grandmother and we all related to each other in a way we really have never had the chance to do. We collaborated together, and respected each other's ideas, and even learned new things about each other!
“Wow! Thank you so much for organizing the Moms as Mentors program! I had such a great time and I learned so much about my mother.” (Daughter Participant)


 "I really walked away with a commitment to ensuring my daughter has the same opportunities to explore STEM. She was so excited to help build a roller coaster and I realized I subconsciously had not been thinking about engineering projects for her nearly as much as I do for my son."

“[My daughter] is constantly talking about her "business plan" to others. She even used our business plan in her class when they were discussing projects."
“After the Building Bridges! class my daughter told her teacher all about the inventions she created, and her teacher asked her to help design a STEM project for the class.”
"I LOVED brainstorming with my daughter about building a business too...She was SO into it"

I love that [Moms As Mentors program] focuses on the mother-daughter relationship and uses STEM as a platform for building that relationship. It's fast, it's fun, it's valuable, and it's professionally developed and led.”


“Even though it has been several months since we attended our last program, my daughter still talks about it frequently. She's always asking when we will go again.”

“[My daughter] loved the afternoon and I think it gave both of us a memory to hold onto.

“The best part was how happy the program made my daughter. She really loved it. It is a lasting memory we share of our time together during her childhood.”


What do girls say about our programs?

“Best day ever!"

Wow! Thank you so much for organizing the Moms as Mentors program! I had such a great time and I learned so much about my mother.

"Super fun"

“It rocked!"

"I would recommend this program because I want everyone to know, so they come too!"

"Your program is amazing and doesn't require any change."

"I think there should be more activities like this in schools."

"Everything was perfect!"