Why Moms as Mentors®?

Recognizing that often many childhood behaviors are learned, girls’ confidence can be improved with help from their moms. Our service is unique because of our secret formula to raise adolescent girls’ self esteem – including moms in the process. Since moms can inadvertently pass down their own insecurities to their daughters, it is just as important to teach moms how to be confident, effective role models as it is to teach girls effective tools for gaining confidence.

Moms As Mentors® fosters mentoring relationships between moms and daughters, creates the courage in adolescents necessary to resist risky behaviors, and offers invaluable time for moms to bond with their daughters.

In addition, Moms as Mentors® programs incorporate activities and workshops in content areas like leadership, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), business, politics and other fields where women remain underrepresented in key areas of leadership.

In their own words: What Moms as Mentors® means to...

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER JESS WEINER: "Moms as Mentors makes a difference in the lives of so many mothers and girls through confidence building workshops...and by encouraging girls to explore roles in STEM and Business... By supporting Moms as Mentors, you are supporting their valuable programs that work to build strong and lasting effects for the women and girls involved." 
(Jess is CEO of Talk To Jess, Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador, best-selling author, social entrepreneur and one of Inc.'s "21 Thought Leaders Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2016")

Cynthia W., Derry, NH (Mom participant): "This is a wonderful and empowering experience...There is no other program out there with this unique female-empowering and mother-mentoring approach.  It's something that all mothers and daughters should be able to experience." 

Kerry P., Redding, CT (Mom Participant): "It's a chance to bond with your daughter on serious topics. Through the topics we discussed, my daughter actually related to me on a very respectful level and I was able to see how smart she is! It really opened the dialogue for more serious conversations!"

Megan P., Sherborn, MA (Mom Participant): "We look to our schools, teachers, enrichment classes, sports programs to help our children achieve their fullest potential, but it really has to come from us, and nothing is more powerful than instilling curiosity and a love of learning. This program is a great reminder of how important it is to do that, and how we can all do that.""

Delilah K., Holliston, MA (Mom Participant): It's an awesome program to get behind and really support. It's so important to support our young women and encourage them in areas that we might not think, to like STEM. There really are a lot of subconscious attitudes in our culture that steer young girls away from feeling confident in math and science and engineering. The moms as mentors programs tackle those preconceived expectations and make it fun at the same time. This is a great avenue to help the moms as mentors group to develop even more programming."

Moms as Mentors® Make It Count! Facilitator: "As a community educator and as a woman, I cannot stress how important these opportunities are for mothers and daughters to connect in the unique way that Moms as Mentors offers. It simply doesn’t happen organically as often as it should. A recent study by the Girl Scouts showed that mothers are still trailing fathers in confidence when it comes to giving advice about money matters, jobs, and leadership. Despite that, the same study shows that girls are still choosing to ask their mothers for this advice more so than their fathers. Opportunities like the ones I’ve been privileged to facilitate with Moms as Mentors are immensely important chances for women of all economic backgrounds to connect with their daughters in a meaningful, confidence-building way. They should be available to all women! "