Moms as Mentors Launches Its First Crowd-Funding Campaign!

Moms as Mentors® is at an inflection point in its growth and development. The organization is poised a make a substantial difference in the lives of girls and women, as well as the next generation’s workforce and leadership. To date, we have more demand for programs than we have the capacity to create and offer.  The first goal of our campaign is to provide us with the financial resources necessary to sustain us while we develop the  infrastructure that would allow us to scale our ability to run programs and be able to rely on program fees. If we are able to surpass this goal, we will be able to develop and run a series of moms-only educational workshops, fund more staff hours to accelerate our ability to grow and run a series of programs to underserved communities at no cost to the participants.

    The Impact 

    Your gift can allow us to offer our programs at reduced rates to under-served mothers and daughters who wish to participate in our unique programs. It’s a small investment that can lead to a large impact of the lives of these young women and their mothers as well. If you don’t believe us, listen to the words of some of our past participants who are the true recipients of your donations:

    • "It's an awesome program to get behind and really support. It's so important to support our young women and encourage them in areas that we might not think to, like STEM. There really are a lot of subconscious attitudes in our culture that steer young girls away from feeling confident in math and science and engineering. The Moms As Mentors programs tackle those preconceived expectations and make it fun at the same time."-- Mother Participant

    • "One of the things that struck me as we were driving home is that there are plenty of places to do stereotypical mother and daughter activities, art, shopping, beauty etc however; never have I been able to "use my brain" and "work" with my daughter on problem-solving.  The day gave me an opportunity to model an example of what to do when challenged and showed [my daughter] that parents also need time to figure things out!  I loved loved loved the fact that we did something "smart" together!"-- Mother Participant

    Challenges We Face

    After every Moms as Mentors® program, participants will ask "when's the next one?"

    Sadly, the truth is often… “we're not sure,” or “not for awhile.”

    We would love nothing more than to be frequently running programs in which mothers and daughters:

    • work together
    • play together
    • create together
    • reflect together.

    In the real world, however, our ability to develop and run programs is severely limited.

    As a volunteer-run organization, we lack the resources to regularly deliver programs for busy moms to connect with their daughters.

    That’s why we need your help to keep Moms As Mentors running programs for mothers and daughters of your community, to build strong and lasting effects that the girls will be able to take with them for years to come. You can make a difference with just one gift. 

    Donations of any size make a big difference. Please consider making a meaningful tax-deductible contribution toward of 2015-2016 campaign. Thank you for your support!

    Don't wait. Donate now.

    Other Ways You Can

    We know not everyone is able to donate, but everyone can give. Beyond your money, we need help spreading the word.

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    Leslie Coles