Hi Friends,

As our campaign ends in a matter of hours, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

This campaign has been a huge opportunity for Moms as Mentors®--to share our work with the world, to put our needs out there and have the community respond, to get more people involved in our mission, to hear what our programs mean to the moms and girls we serve.

So thank you for giving us this important opportunity.

Thank you to our mailing list for bearing with frequent emails in your inbox. And for opening however many of them you opened and taking a moment to read what we had to say. And for not unsubscribing! That's no small task when an organization has spent weeks asking for your support. We promise the campaign ends today!

To our social media community--thanks for sharing our posts. "Liking" them and liking our page. Tweeting and retweeting. Because of you, we have a whole new community of people interested in our work to help empower moms and girls.

To our supporters we want to give an EXTRA big thank THANK YOU! When we set out to do a campaign, we didn't know what would happen-it's the first one we'd ever done! But you all came through for us in a HUGE way. More than 80 of you said "I'm going to do my part to help Moms as Mentors® raise girls' confidence and strengthen the critical bond between moms and girls." And because of that, this campaign definitely can be considered a huge success. 

And, so many of you, whether or not you were able to make a financial contribution, have helped spread the word about our campaign, which deserves another thank you.

To our valued advisory board members and team of exceptional volunteers and interns, thank you! You've showed your support in so many ways. Without you, we wouldn't be able to deliver such impactful programs and have the ability to share it with the world. We owe you so much.

And thank you to our close family and friends--who've been patient as we've had tunnel-like vision during the campaign and supported the campaign in so many ways, through financial contributions as well as moral support, cheerleading, proof-reading, brainstorming, advice-giving, and so much more (I want to give an extra big thank you to my brother Aaron, who has been an amazing and constant source of support throughout this whole campaign. Thank you, thank you.).

Thanks to our extended family and old friends from middle, high school, college, and previous jobs who rallied behind us and supported our campaign. It was such a nice surprise to see your names on our campaign page and I can't thank you enough for your belief in us. 

I want to thank all of you for giving me, personally, the chance to run this campaign. I've never done anything like this before and I was way outside my comfort-zone. And yet you all were so supportive, as I put my feelings and insecurities out there, through our blog and other channels, about speaking up and asking for what we need. I've grown throughout this process and feel in a better position to lead and serve women and girls as a result of this experience. Many times, I've needed to be reminded of the same lessons about confidence and empowerment that we teach the girls and moms in our program! And you all were there to do that and offer invaluable words of encouragement. 

And thank you for understanding that this campaign has consumed me over the past two months, and as a result I've been poor at keeping in touch and behind on responding to emails. I look forward to catching up with you now that the campaign is coming to an end.

Thanks everyone. I feel lucky to be part of such a wonderful and supportive community of people committed to helping girls become confident, influential women.


P.S. I would be remiss if I didn't say, for what will likely be the final time, that it's not too late to support our campaign! DONATE NOW and your gift will be matched 1:1. 


Leslie Coles