We Heart Our Volunteers

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As an almost entirely run volunteer organization, Moms as Mentors® could not have already had the kind of impact it has made on so many moms and girls without our superstar team of volunteers (learn about this IMPACT here!). We asked our volunteers what makes them donate their time to our organization and what they personally have gotten from volunteering with us. Here are just a few responses!

"Thank you both for the chance to come and observe/get involved with your moms and girls. It honestly brought a whole new notion of STEM to mind, and de-mystified it quite a lot...The pairs I jumped in to work with were really learning so much about themselves and moms were taking away brand new visions of their girls. Volunteering is often inspiring, but your volunteers are also fantastic educators."
-Volunteer facilitator

"As a community educator and as a woman, I cannot stress how important these  opportunities are for mothers and daughters to connect in the unique way that Moms as Mentors offers. It simply doesn’t happen organically as often as it should. A recent study by the Girl Scouts showed that mothers are still trailing fathers in confidence when it comes to giving advice about money matters, jobs, and leadership. Despite that, the same study shows that girls are still choosing to ask their mothers for this advice more so than their fathers. Opportunities like the ones I’ve been privileged to facilitate with Moms as Mentors are immensely important chances for women of all economic backgrounds to connect with their daughters in a meaningful, confidence-building way. They should be available to all women."
-Volunteer facilitator

"I really love two aspects of Moms as Mentors in particular:

1 -- The all-girl environment. I went to a girls' school and really valued that experience. I think that providing an all-girls activity for girls who are otherwise mostly in a coed environment is a great thing to do. I love exposing girls to the idea that women are the leaders, women are in control, women can manage independently! ... I really appreciate the idea of having strong female role models for girls.

2 -- The fact that Moms as Mentors tackles topics that are generally considered 'not for girls.' STEM, finances, politics, etc. I think girls need to be taught that not only can they do these things, but that they really need to learn about them in order to live a life of independence and full of possibility. In particular I hate seeing girls boxed out of lots of high-paying careers (computer programming, engineering, finance, etc.) because they never developed skills or confidence around STEM topics."
- Volunteer grant-writer

"Being involved with Moms as Mentors inspired me to conduct further research on the subject of women in the STEM workforce...The work that I have done for Moms as Mentors as well as the research I conducted has certainly encouraged me to become more involved in this field. I believe that with the proper knowledge, positive encouragement, and inspiring STEM-led activities that are all included in Moms as Mentors, women can realize their true potential and seek a career or academic path in STEM that they truly deserve. While I have concluded my internship with Moms as Mentors, I am hoping to be a long-time member of their team and provide any type of help, support, or volunteer work that they need in order to succeed and promote their wonderful cause."
-Former college intern


Leslie Coles